Who we are


In 1925 Mario Bonvicini founded the first core of the company. Mario Bonvicini's sons, Pierluigi and Sauro, expert technicians in the hydraulic sector, reorganized (rearranged) the factory to produce hydraulic cylinders, honed pipes, vane hydraulic motors and complete structures. In 1972, due to the changing business needs, a new plant was built in Grumello Cremonese on an area of 36,000 square metres to adapt the company to the new production requirements. In 1985 Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini born from the ruins of the former Oleodinamica Cremonese. Mariangela Capellini, already Administrative Director under the previous management, acquired the brand and the industrial complex and became its owner, as well as President and Managing Director. A courageous choice which, thanks to her great commitment and personal efforts, allows the company to be relaunched on the market. At the same time there was a change of management strategy: from the manufacture of small hydraulic cylinders - standardized production - to the realization of big sized customized cylinders, i.e. made () according to customer requirements. Today, Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini is highly specialized in the design, development and complete manufacture of medium and large hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

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In 1985 Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini rose from the ruins of the former Oleodinamica Cremonese.


Continents we work with


Employees engaged in processing

7 Years

Training time invested to obtain a skilled worker

2 Warehouse

Make up 6,000 m2 of covered area

Tailor-made innovation

We are able to meet all types of requirements thanks to our extensive production equipment, our continuous investment in cutting-edge technology and the skill we have developed in-house. Approximately 40 employees are engaged in the processing of cylinders and seven years of training are invested by the company to mould a specialised worker to be entrusted with the production, testing, assembly and maintenance of its cylinders. Precisely in order to guarantee the total security of the control chain, Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini is flanked by its subsidiary GI.BI Meccanica: twelve employees dedicated to the production of mass-produced parts needed to make the famous cylinders. This is a way of guaranteeing total control over every stage of production, including the supply of standard components.


Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini's hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders are equipped with the highest industry certifications.


quality control for materials

constantly high quality standard

Verticalisation of the processes

qualified engineering office