Hydraulic Cylinders Design

Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini manufactures custom-made products able to satisfy the needs of customers operating in the most various sectors.

Our workshop realizes hydraulic cylinders both based on the customer’s design and by developing the project within its own technical office, starting from the necessary data.

Our technicians avail 3D CAD software and are able to perform the calculations for the sizing of cylinders even in the case of standards imposed by the most widespread classification societies (RINA, LLR, DNV-GL, BV, ABS, etc.)

Our company designs and manufactures cylinders powered by different fluids, depending on the customer’s requirements and needs. Specialized in hydraulic cylinders (using oil), we also deal with pneumatic cylinders (using air), even if in smaller quantity.

Cylinders can be single-acting, double-acting or telescopic, and they have straight-line movements, operated by pumps or hydraulic power units by means of external piping.

In the case of single-acting cylinders, the rod is pushed out by the force generated on the piston by the oil introduced into the barrel/tube. The retraction, on the other hand, will be caused by the weight of the cylinder itself or by an external load acting on the rod.

In the case of double-acting cylinders the exit and retraction actions are governed by the oil, thus allowing control of the pressure in both chambers of the cylinder.

Telescopic cylinders allow long strokes while maintaining compact length.

Our cylinders can also be equipped, on customer specification, with transducers or limit switches that allow to monitor and obtain information about rod movements.

All the design activity performed by our technical department will be detailed and precise and will take into account all the specifications and requests made by the customer.

Nuova Oleodinamica Bonvicini is able to execute machining approximately up to 600mm in diameter and 12m in length.

Pressure test can be performed up to 500 bar.